Employee training simplified

Drive usage of key applications for increased ROI

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Deliver in-app guidance tailored to different departments

Get employees up-to-speed quickly when you deploy new systems. Modify product walkthroughs for specific user groups to ensure they’re getting the training most relevant to them.

Measure adoption across teams and individuals

Help your team take full advantage of internal tools and improve the return on your software investments. Evolve best practices as users streamline their processes.

Pendo Adoption Guide Analytics

“We have a lot of users and training and adoption of a platform as sophisticated as Marketo is a constant challenge for users of different backgrounds. We identified a use case where we could put all training documentation in platform to help our users better understand how to use it. We noticed a 12% reduction in overall support ticket volume, just out of the gate with Pendo.”

Joe Reitz | Global Technical Training Manager, AWS

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Provide in-context training wherever users get stuck

Anticipate blockers by identifying common usage challenges. Deploy tooltips and troubleshooting guidance to proactively support your teams.

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