Unlock custom in-app training

Drive adoption with customer-specific training and documentation.

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What is Pendo Adopt?

Pendo Adopt is a whitelabel in-application training product. Each customer uses your product differently, with unique roles, procedures, and conventions. With Pendo Adopt, your customers can document specific training and guidance for their users, and monitor compliance.

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An extension of your product

Add an integrated training layer that looks native to your product. Sold through your sales team, it’s a natural expansion opportunity for existing customers, and supports implementation for new customers.

Customer generated content

Your customers build training and documentation where their users need it the most—right in your product. Instead of searching slide decks or calling around for help, customer-specific procedures and conventions are presented in context and on demand.

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“We have a lot of users and training and adoption of a platform as sophisticated as Marketo is a constant challenge for users of different backgrounds. We identified a use case where we could put all training documentation in platform to help our users better understand how to use it. We noticed a 12% reduction in overall support ticket volume, just out of the gate with Pendo.”

Joe Reitz | Global Technical Training Manager, AWS

Simple to get started

Pendo Adopt installs in minutes, and your customers can start building custom training immediately. Improve existing customer adoption and support new implementations with a better way for customers to deliver training.

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