Drive digital adoption with employees

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Digital Adoption

Drive digital adoption across your entire portfolio of employee-facing software.


  • Customizable number of annual users
  • Out-of-the-box portfolio management view
  • In-app guidance and contextual support
  • Analytics on application usage and workflows
  • Deployment on internally developed and 3rd party web software
  • Available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Built to scale with you at the speed you expect

Insights whenever you need them with 99.9%+ uptime.

99% of guides displayed in less than half a second.

Understand your employees like never before

A unique combination of qualitative & quantitative data to drive business decisions and outcomes.

Comprehensive data security and privacy compliance

SOC-2 Type 2

EU/US Privacy Shield



What’s Included


  •  Analytics Understand how employees behave
    • Unlimited page and feature tagging
    • Retroactive data history
    • Out-of-the-box portfolio management view
    • Cross-App Paths & Workflows
    • Customizable reporting
    • User segmentation
  •  In-app guides Improve and personalize employees’ in-app experience
    • Guides including images, documents, videos
    • In-app “source of truth” for announcements, onboarding checklists and guide lists (resource center)
    • iFrame to embed company knowledge banks
    • Durable tags for SFDC that keep your guides from breaking
    • Accessibility features including keyboard navigation and ARIA labels

Data Management & Access

Unlimited Pendo seats

Data retention

7 years

API access



Compliance (SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, HIPAA, Privacy Shield)



Customer Support