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Support for those impacted by the UserIQ shutdown

Published May 6, 2022

In an emerging software category like ours, the saying “a rising tide lifts all boats” rings true. The more vendors that offer the ability to measure and drive customer engagement, the better the world’s experience with software will be. 

For that reason, we’re sad to see that UserIQ, a tool many startups have used to power their customer success efforts, will shut down on May 10, 2022. As a fellow company from the south forging this new space, we’ve always felt a kinship with UserIQ—we wish the founding team and employees well.

We also empathize with UserIQ’s customers, who relied on its product to understand customer health, and take action to drive customer satisfaction and reduce churn. To provide a soft landing for these companies, we’re offering Pendo completely free for the first six months, with the ability to upgrade for the following year at a steep discount. Naturally there are more details, but that’s the gist—we want to take the sting out of abruptly needing to transition to a new solution. 

For those unfamiliar with Pendo, we provide product and customer success teams with:

    • Product usage analytics, including: 
      • Insights to better understand what users are doing across their product journey, and to measure customer health.
      • The ability to create segments to quickly and easily identify which accounts and visitors need attention. 
    • In-app engagement tools that enable teams to onboard, educate, and message customers based on user profile, product usage, or survey results. 

And once you install Pendo, we immediately begin collecting comprehensive product data. When you decide what data you want, any user (even those with no coding skills) can identify what to track and Pendo will retroactively collate that historical data. We hope that makes for a lighter lift for your team.

Learn more about this offer, and get a demo, here.