Product Love Podcast: Adam Brotman, CEO of Brightloom

Published Jul 9, 2021

This week on Product Love, I sat down with Adam Brotman, CEO of Brightloom. Brightloom creates meaningful relationships between people and the brands they love.

Before Brightloom, Adam Brotman was the EVP of Global Retail Operations and Chief Digital Officer at Starbucks. Adam is an experienced leader in the digital world, where he’s led several successful digital initiatives. Now, he’s figuring out how to help brands use their data to do a better job of engaging with their customers. More than ever, we are seeing the highest digitization rate of customers. There’s so much great data around customers in the forms of transactions, participation, loyalty programs, and mobile/web platforms. But it’s still hard for these brands to leverage that data into actionable intelligence, or personalization. It requires a type of expertise that 99% of consumer brands don’t have. That’s what Adam is set out to do.

In order to build customer loyalty, there are two things that must be understood about the customers. First, they want to have a better relationship with you. Sure, it’s a cliche to say “put yourself in the shoes of the customer” but it’s true. Adam shares that he thinks about customer relationships like human relationships. They want their actions and tone to be reciprocated.

The second thing customers want is to have convenience and rewards. Rewards could mean loyalty points, and convenience could mean being accessible however the intersection of those two means having a frictionless brand. Customers simply want frictionless, convenient, and rewarding experiences.

If you want to hear more about how he helped create Starbucks ‘ iconic digital flywheel (mobile app lovers will understand), as well as how brands can unlock the power of personalization, check out the episode below.