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Pendo’s New Mobile Offering Helps Teams Create Delightful Product Experiences on Any Screen or Device

Published Feb 27, 2018

Today, we announced  the addition of integrated native mobile analytics, surveys, announcements, and guidance to the Pendo platform.

Hear from Pendo CEO Todd Olson and Udi Levin on the integration of company, culture and technology:

Modern software experiences are rarely contained to one channel or device. Today, the average user toggles between multiple screens and devices over the course of a day–and, more specifically, as they complete tasks within your products. That’s why, as a product leader, you and your teams are asked to create products customers love regardless of platform or device. This means managing multichannel complexity as you build for a holistic experience, where the goal is to deliver an exceptional product experience at every touchpoint.

To help product teams navigate these complexities, we are pleased to announce the addition of integrated native mobile analytics, surveys, announcements, and guidance into the Pendo platform. This new unified capability allows users to create and manage in-app guides for both mobile and web applications.

Unlike point solutions for Web, mobile analytics, user surveys, user onboarding, or in-app campaigns, Pendo now provides detailed visibility and engagement throughout the entire user journey across both Web and mobile channels.

These new capabilities allow product teams to:

  • Analyze product usage across multiple platforms to make rapid data-driven decisions
  • Survey users in-app (both Web and mobile) for relevant, high-quality feedback
  • Improve UX and user onboarding through targeted, contextual in-app help and guidance
  • Promote new (or unused) features in-app to increase engagement and retention
  • Prompt users for ratings and reviews to increase app visibility

Mobile Analytics:

Pendo now offers mobile SDKs for native iOS and Android apps. Just like using Pendo for web applications, after the initial mobile SDK integration, you don’t need any additional coding work. All metrics for web pages and features are now available for mobile as well. Soon, we will also have mobile-specific analytics, such as: app version analytics, device model breakdown and user timelines across apps for increased insight.

Native Mobile Guide Creation

We also have native mobile guides in the same interface as our web guides allowing you to easily engage with your users across all devices. Just as for web applications, you can personalize mobile guidance based on user profile, behavior, or feedback provided. Mobile guides require no coding and are fully customizable, allowing a look and feel that is just like your app. They can also be triggered from various places in your app, allowing for flexible communications.

Multi-app Support

We have also added support for multiple apps within a single Pendo subscription. You can add your web, iOS and Android apps to your subscription, and understand what users are doing across all devices. For users of multiple apps, you can now aggregate this user data from multiple sources. All of this data is available for segmentation, which allows for detailed analysis and highly personalized guidance.

You will see how much time users spent in each app, showing an overlap in usage. Based on your user personas, you can also see how many use only the web app, only the mobile app, and how many use both. You can also see usage over time and compare usage of similar features in different apps.

Pendo’s mobile offering eases multichannel complexity and empowers product leaders to serve their users according to their preferences, at any given time or location. We continue to help product leaders create products customers love, now regardless of platform or device.