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Show Me the Money: Revenue Insights Lets You Run Product Like a Business

Published Apr 4, 2019

Too often, product decisions are driven by instinct, anecdote, or the vocal minority of customers who make the most noise. These inputs are important, but just one of many that go into product decisions, and these decisions should drive to one overarching goal: revenue. The low-hanging fruit is protecting the revenue you already have. Enter Pendo revenue insights.

With revenue insights, Pendo users can layer a revenue dimension on top of Pendo analytics to better understand how contract value impacts user sentiment and feature adoption. And this matters for modern product teams, because understanding the economic value and sentiment of active or lapsed users is critical to running a recurring revenue business.

Pendo’s first application of revenue insights is NPS + revenue, which allows Pendo customers to view “NPS by product usage” scatterplots, but with the size of each data point corresponding to the size of each account’s revenue impact. Customers can self-select their preferred metric to measure revenue, whether that’s ARR, MRR, TCV, or another measurement.

This visualization is easily togglable – by toggling it off, all data points revert to equal size. Users are also able to visualize their entire universe of customers or by segment to make better, more targeted decisions about where to invest and intervene.

Show me the money

In any growing business, optimizing resources is utterly critical. Pendo’s revenue insights help product teams improve decision making around product investments, target markets, and overall strategy. Product usage and user sentiment are important on their own, and even more powerful when viewed through a revenue lens. Pendo empowers product teams to steer product decisions with a focus on what drives the most impact for the business at large.

Who should use revenue insights?

Pairing revenue with product analytics aligns your company around growth, with impacts for customer success, product management, and the executive team. CSMs use revenue insights to identify large accounts at risk of churn and focus retention efforts accordingly. PMs can review reported bugs, funnels or feature usage for these accounts and interview individual users, increasing the likelihood of retention. Revenue insights also allow PMs to prioritize feature requests, aligning priority to users and accounts with significant long-term revenue implications. And the executive team can use revenue insights to make sure feedback from your most important customers can get immediate attention.

Revenue insights puts the spotlight on what matters, adding critical context to analytics views throughout your Pendo instance. Learn more about configuring revenue insights.