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Pendo Integration with Zapier

Published Jun 22, 2016

From the start, Pendo was designed to be more than just an analytics tool. We wanted to make sure that our customers could not only learn more about their products and users, but that they could immediately put those learnings to use. With “smart” in-application guides, Pendo customers can serve up contextual help, walkthrough tutorials, or reach out for feedback based on user behavior in their applications.

But what about customer outreach or interactions outside of the application? Sometimes you may want to take a specific action outside of the Pendo platform based on an observed user behavior. One common use case is to send an email to users how have been inactive in your application for a period of time (if they’re not actually in the app, it’s hard for guides to reach them).

An easy way to setup these interactions is through Pendo’s Zapier integration. Using this integration, you can pass any data from a Pendo visitor report to other supported applications in Zapier. Use product data to trigger an email through MailChimp, create a project in Trello, or notify your team on Slack. Check out our knowledge base article to learn how you can setup your own Pendo – Zapier integration. Happy Zapping!

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