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NPS Email Delivery Option from Pendo Expands NPS Program Reach

Published Sep 14, 2018

If you are a product or customer success manager for a software company, you are probably all too familiar with the hotly-debated question of whether NPS surveys are more effective delivered in-app or via email. A logical argument can be made for both strategies, but this continues to be a polarizing topic in the product management community.

In-App Advocates Highlight Higher Response Rates

One side maintains that in-app NPS surveys have far higher response rates because they capture the customer “in the moment” during their product workflow.

These folks argue that our users’ inboxes are overflowing with messages, promotions and surveys. It is all too easy for an NPS survey to get lost in the sea of email every user receives on a daily basis.

Email Delivery Advocates Call Out Workflow Interruptions

The other side suggests that in-app NPS surveys may offer skewed data. The argument here is that in-app survey efforts may miss sporadic or lapsed users of the product, thereby providing an incomplete or falsely positive NPS picture. Secondly, some users may find in-app surveys obtrusive if they interrupt their product experience and workflow.

This does not, however, explain why NPS surveys deployed in-app consistently receive a significantly higher response rate. Being able to reach your users “in-the-moment” does produce amazing feedback. How amazing? Pendo users see 2X to 20X increases in response rates compared to email-only surveys.

Pendo’s New Email Delivery Option

Regardless of which side you take in the great NPS delivery debate, Pendo’s new email delivery option lets you take advantage of both approaches.

We’ve added email delivery  in Pendo to give you even greater reach when deploying your NPS surveys. After running your NPS program in-app for active users, you can target less active or lapsed users with an emailed NPS survey.

Now you can reach executive decision-makers, and lapsed or infrequent users along with your active in-app responders to get a more complete picture of customer sentiment.

Getting Started Is a Snap

Email options are easy to set up in the NPS wizard. Simply add the email delivery option, and select the metadata field that corresponds to your visitors’ email address. Pendo will take care of the rest.

Now you don’t have to choose between achieving high response rates and reaching the broadest array of users. Pendo NPS surveys allow you to reach users in the best available channel.  Add the email delivery option to your NPS survey today.