Introducing: PM Mixtapes

Published Jul 27, 2018

Earlier this month, my slack was blowing up with articles on why open-plan workplaces are the cause of all evil. You probably didn’t escape that onslaught, the result of newly-published research from Harvard.

This, however, is not an argument for or against an open floor plan. It’s Friday, and so instead of presenting problems, we wanted to offer you solutions. What’s a better antidote to that loud coworker than a good playlist on a decent set of headphones?

We present the PM Mixtapes.

We hope these curated playlists will offer you some inspiration for building products, whatever the task at hand is. For our inaugural list, we were inspired by Drake’s recent Scorpion release, and more specifically the song “8 out of 10.” This put us in an NPS-state-of-mind, and so if you’re working on reading detractor comments today, we hope it will lift your spirit. Maybe you’ll remember to heed Taylor Swift’s earworm and Shake it Off. We threw in some Neutral Milk Hotel in there for those passive customer responses. If you’re relishing promoter compliments, well, we hope you can do a little happy dance. I especially love X, the track from Black Panther, which will definitely pump you up to celebrate that 10 score.

Either way, we hope it will help you Keep it 100.

What songs did we miss? Tweet at us or tell us in the comments!