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Introducing Pendo Groups

Published Dec 16, 2016

It’s getting a little unruly in here… Some order is in order


Regular users of Pendo will be familiar with our color system. When you tag a page or a feature in Pendo for analysis you have the option to assign a color to that page. That color then shows up when you look at any of our tree maps of feature or page usage, and if you run a path report to track user journeys across your application.


The colors provide a nice way to augment the data visualizations, but what we found was that many of our customers were trying to use the colors as an organization system. For larger, more complex enterprise applications this really wasn’t a good approach. So, we’re happy to announce a new Groups feature. This new feature augments our color coding to provide much needed organizational groupings of the features and pages that you tag in Pendo.

How Do Groups Work?

The feature is pretty straightforward. Admin users can now create and define new groups. Groups will have an assigned name and color, and will span across tagged pages and features. A user who is tagging a page or feature will have the option to select a group for that page or feature to belong to.

Page and feature reports can now be filtered by group, so if you have a particular subset of features and pages that you want to look at it will be easier to get at the data that is most relevant to you. The colors associated with each group will be used across tree and path reports in the same way that the old color system was used.

What Happens to My Currently Selected Colors?

If you are currently using Pendo, your current colors will be migrated directly to the new groups feature. Each color simply becomes a group with the color name as the name of the group. Then you are free to customize the new groups any way you see fit.


This new groups feature is the first part of our broader order-making efforts across Pendo to ensure that our platform easily scales with your product. Stay tuned as we roll out additional updates in the coming weeks.