Desk Craft: Julie Harrow

Published Feb 2, 2018

If eyes are the window to our soul, a desk may be the gateway to our brain.

Think about it. A desk may just be the perfect expression of how we think. If it’s messy and cluttered, maybe it suggests the unquiet mind of a creative genius. Or if it’s neatly organized–if it’s not a right angle, it’s a wrong one–maybe it suggests a particularly orderly way of thinking.

Maybe it also tells us about how we cope. From caffeine to stress balls to a few seconds in Downward Facing Dog. And how we stay focused–whether it’s the perfect playlist or a simple set of earplugs to drown out the sales floor ruckus.

Desk Craft is where we get a window into these otherwise private worlds.

Here, instead of asking product managers how they think, we ask them to show us instead. And in showing us, we’re able to learn something about their work habits–and perhaps a bit about ourselves.

Welcome to Desk Craft.

Julie Harrow

Name: Julie Harrow
Role: Associate Product Manager at Pendo
Background: B.S., civil engineering, MIT
Fun fact: Has a bartending license from Harvard University

What is the most useful item on your desk? Paper and a variety of pens. I find it much easier to articulate my thoughts when drawing them out as I speak – so having a lot of paper and pens of varying colors/thicknesses is key to my communication style.

What is the most interesting item on your desk?  Definitely my kinetic sand. I like to think with something in my hands – this stuff is fun to mold and easy to clean up.

How would you describe your organization style?  I am typically very organized and prefer to keep my life uncluttered. I tend to purge out-of-date notes and items weekly so that I can keep my space – and thoughts – focused and clear.

Anything else you would like to add?  The fruit is pretty important. I fall into the category of individuals who find themselves ‘hangry’ when trapped between a light breakfast and an hour till lunch. Better to have fruit than to be constantly tempted by all of the amazing sweets that my colleagues bring to the office!