Mobile app personalization

Why mobile personalization is a must have

As mobile usage has surged, users have developed high expectations for personalized, non-intrusive experiences in the app. Personalization is the difference between spamming your users and sparking their interest. It is about improving their experience, saving them time, and giving them the kind of value they are interested in.

For app owners, personalization is a particularly powerful tool for focusing distracted users who are constantly bombarded by generic content. It is how you develop and nurture a long-term relationship with your users.

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The right audience

Pendo lets you segment users based on how they use the app; create audiences based on screen-views, cart abandonment, or certain actions.

You can also segment users according to their app usage (first-time, loyal or returning users) or demographics (location, device types, etc).

Have other data on your users that you want to leverage in the app? With Pendo, you can import external audiences you’ve defined in other tools and target them in the app so that you always reach the right audience.


The perfect mobile moment

For every user, there is a right time.

Trigger engagements based on your users’ real-time interaction in the app, such as which screens they saw and whether they tap (or don’t tap) on a CTA.

Setting these triggers is easy and requires no coding — simply point and click.


Two-sided communication

Don’t just talk. Listen.

Take personalization to the next level with surveys and quizzes that respond to your users based on their feedback. With Pendo you can create conditional flows that direct users to specific content based on how they answered your survey – they feel heard, and your app benefits.