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For software you build and software you’ve purchased, Pendo is a single solution that drives digital adoption across your entire applications portfolio.

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For software you build

Internally built software solves problems unique to your company. Pendo helps you build better, so that you can increase employee efficiency and improve the user experience. With quantitative and qualitative feedback, Pendo helps you make more informed decisions about your software projects and bridge communication gaps between builders and users. Personalized in-app guidance helps you manage change and get employees up and running fast.

For purchased enterprise software

Make the most of the software you invested in, and gain the insight you need to manage complex systems. Pendo’s Digital Adoption solutions make it easy to automate the delivery of engaging, effective software training for your employees, when and where they need it. You can tailor your training based on user activity, role, skill level, and more. Increase your team’s proficiency, compliance, and success with contextual support in all the systems that power your workforce.

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Adopt for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Deliver customized onboarding and training inside your Dynamics 365 instance to more quickly ramp sales, field, marketing, and customer service teams, regardless of their location or device. Accelerate onboarding, manage changes to your CRM, and improve employee engagement with your system.

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Adopt for Partners

Give your customers complete control over how they train their end users within your software application with Adopt for Partners. Package and sell Pendo’s white label in-application training product, and get the support you need to develop a new stream of revenue while simultaneously increasing product adoption and reducing churn.

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