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Master your SaaS product strategy with account-level analytics and Guides

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Darrell Burgan, VP Engineering, INFOR

“Ultimately for us it’s about being proactive. We review the application usage and performance at our weekly operations meeting to guide which clients we want to reach out to. It’s great to be able to address customer issues this way. Very few companies at our size and scale can get ahead of the curve on things like this.”

Darrell Burgan, VP Engineering infor logo

Stay a step ahead of churn risks

Customer retention is top-of-mind for high-growth companies. With a qualitative and quantitative lens on product experience, your customer success teams see who’s at risk and what you can do to reverse the “unhappy path.” Customize just-in-time guides to offer proactive support directly in the app, where it’s needed most.

“Pendo helps me identify which of my customers have not been using the tool recently, which in turn allows me drive engagement and prevent churn – a MUST HAVE for all SaaS companies.”

Brandverity Logo Brendan Lash | Senior Customer Success Manager

“Pendo has helped us really understand what our customers need and want and where we can make a big impact. Marketo is now ready to provide all of our customers with something that they’ve been asking for for years.”

Marketo logo Katie Pedroza | Senior Customer Marketing Specialist

Increase customer lifetime value through your product

Customers will pay for what they need. Easily segment feature requests across your user base to know exactly what your highest-value cohorts want next. Prioritize your roadmap based on each product’s potential impact on recurring revenue. When new features ship, use customer feedback to know which segments to target first.

Converge on product intelligence to accelerate business growth

Extend product insights across the entire customer lifecycle by combining data from your other enterprise systems like Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, and Intercom. Build custom data pipelines between Pendo and your data warehouse or BI tool of choice.


78% of surveyed SaaS companies who use Pendo to increase trial conversions improved their conversion rate by 10%.

Optimize your trial experience for higher conversion

Trials can facilitate higher conversion and activation rates. Reduce customer acquisition cost by automating guidance to drive specific cohorts to the feature sets and experiences that most often lead to purchase.

See upsell and cross-sell signals sooner

Engagement is key to stickiness. Understand the usage patterns and sentiment of your most active accounts. Use these insights to inform in-app onboarding and tutorials, iterate on features, run experiments to drive deeper adoption, and set up expansion opportunities with each new launch.

The Pendo Product Cloud includes: