What is Product Engagement?

What is Product Engagement?

Things have changed. There has been a dramatic shift in the way product development is done. Many of today’s product teams are Agile. They build, test and iterate to better meet customer needs and stay ahead of competition. How we learn from and educate customers also needs to change to keep up. Product engagement is about understanding how customers engage with your product at the most granular level and how can you effect that customer behavior to maximize their usage of your application.

5 Rules for Improving Product Engagement
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Why is Product Engagement Essential?

Building great products is not easy. Customers want products that exceed their expectations and evolve with their needs. And it is not just about building the right features. Often a bigger challenge is teaching the customers about the features and how to use them properly (or even just letting them know the features exist).

How Do You Improve Product Engagement?

To operate effectively in this new world, the way we measure customer usage and the way we educate customers about new features needs to change. We need to do more than just announce features via email blasts, FAQs, and webinars. We also need to teach them about features in our applications. And we need to constantly measure their usage, so we can not only improve our products, but also learn the most effective ways to teach our customers to use our products to solve their problems.