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Gather quality feedback with high response rates through in-app surveys and polls.
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With Pendo, you can create targeted surveys using segments
Create targeted surveys
Leverage segments to collect in-the-moment feedback from specific cohorts of users.
Measure progress with quantitative data
Add yes/no, multiple choice, and number scale polls to surveys fielded inside your product.
Capture actionable insights
Combine quantitative analytics and qualitative feedback for a complete view of the user experience.
Drive app store ratings
Improve your mobile app ratings by asking for reviews from the right users, at the right time.
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    Because we’re asking for feedback in the application, we see response rates of 50% versus the 7-8% we’d get for emailed surveys. The targeting allows us to make sure we’re getting relevant feedback from the right users. Bradley Lafave, Product Marketing Manager
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    We asked our users to rate the feature on a scale of 1 to 5 for some open-ended feedback. As we improved the search function, we averaged 4.6 on the ratings, and got a 70% response rate for the surveys. Duncan McCreery, VP of Product
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    Our team was very happy [with Pendo]. We’re now able to say we have the highest-rated app in the industry. Now, we own the story versus negative reviews owning the story. Joshua Lowe, Product Manager

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Cartegraph uses Pendo to match qualitative feedback from surveys with product usage data—to identify areas of the product that need improvement.


increase in mobile app adoption
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SugarCRM uses Pendo to deploy and gather user feedback through in-app surveys—bringing a data-driven approach to feature development.


survey responses in 48 hours
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IHS Markit uses Pendo in-app guides to hear their clients’ feedback in real time, identify areas for improvement, and prioritize their development queue.


of guide responses identified a missing feature
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