Product walkthroughs

Improve user onboarding with personalized Walkthroughs

Pendo Features Product Walkthroughs

Engage and educate users

Many users learn best by doing. A great way to teach users about your product is by using in-app walkthroughs to show them step-by-step how to complete tasks. Pendo lets you bring together any combination of in-app guides to construct onboarding and training flows.

Accelerate user onboarding

The early experiences in your product are often the most crucial. You have a limited window to demonstrate value, and if users can’t figure things out, they won’t stick around. Pendo allows you to personalize onboarding for different user segments, making sure your content is concise and relevant. You can create a carousel of introductory screens, freeze/highlight specific areas in the screen, advance walkthroughs on user actions, and easily span steps across different screens.

Guide users through significant application changes

Most apps go through many significant changes as product teams add new features, improve usability, and streamline or integrate different products. These changes may each be designed with the goal of improving the product experience, but they can also leave users in the dark. In-app walkthroughs show users what has changed in the product, and guide them to get the most value from new or improved product features and user experience changes.

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