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01 Pendo is a Product Cloud

Building and maintaining a great product experience requires a new kind of platform. Pendo brings together qualitative customer feedback and quantitative product usage data to help you understand how users engage with your products and where they find frustration and delight.

02 Derive New Product Insights

With Pendo, product teams can answer questions like which features are customers using? Which features are they ignoring? Which ones are driving delight and which ones are causing pain and confusion? From these insights, you can target and prioritize features and enhancements, identify which customers are at risk for churn, and which ones are ready to advocate.

03 Drive Product Actions

From these same insights you can easily set up in-app messages, guides and walkthroughs to help users get the most value out of your products. By quickly identifying the specific features and workflows that cause users pain and pleasure, you can use Pendo to guide users through the rough spots and drive them to the features that create raving fans.

04 Create Product Love

Pendo helps close the loop with your users, learning from their usage patterns to make you a better product leader--and guiding users to get more value from your products.

The result is a dialogue between product leader and product user that causes each to better understand the other. And in the process to create nothing short of product love.

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