End User Experience Monitoring

End User Experience Monitoring

Monitoring the end user's experience should extend your product to capture all user behavior – without coding – so you can understand and guide your users when and where they need it. Your software should also be able to gather feedback, as well as provide highly targeted help to each user. With metrics like these you can help make the difference between a customer who churns and turning those who are struggling into power users. By understanding every aspect of what your customer does – you gain the power help and guide those that are falling off and delight those who already love you.

Pendo, is an end user experience monitoring solution that helps you understand your customers better. It has been built from the ground up by product managers who longed for a better, unified solution. And what they created – there is no competition for on the market today. It installs in seconds, in the background of your application, and starts collecting all user data immediately. 

At Pendo, we help provide a fresh look at your user-base so you can gain insights never before seen. Pendo offers:

  • Measurements that matter. Analyze page data, feature usage
  • Robust analytics. Capturing all user behavior without any coding
  • Personalized Guidance. Highly targeted tooltips, guidance, and walkthroughs – delivered right through your application
  • Relevant Feedback. Survey users in-application and monitor user satisfaction with NPS scores

Our white paper discusses more on monitoring your end user experience. Download it here. 

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