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User onboarding

Guide customers to value faster

Scale customer onboarding by designing guided experiences that are proven to accelerate time to value. Leverage best-in-class product analytics to understand successful user behaviors and automatically drive users to the features that benefit them the most.

Product engagement

Improve adoption, increase stickiness, and accelerate growth

Expand usage by providing users with guidance, announcements, and two-way communication directly in the application. Keep users engaged by understanding their behaviors, and introduce them to capabilities that unlock additional value based on their needs.

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“Prior to Pendo, we simply didn’t have great data around our usage, and insights into our user’s behavior, we communicated very poorly, and we were starved for feedback. To have a product so squarely fill all of those holes – its been a true game changer.”

In-app support

Alleviate confusion for stuck users, in-app

Understand the causes of friction in your application and create self-service opportunities that get users un-stuck and maximize customer satisfaction. Deflect incoming support tickets and reduce costs with proactive solutions.

Feedback collection

Understand user sentiment at scale

Capture and prioritize customer feature requests to make more informed roadmap decisions. Close the loop with customers about which requests were delivered, and which are in-progress or planned.

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Revenue growth

Attract, retain, and nurture your customers

Understand the behaviors that correlate with positive revenue events and encourage them at scale. Increase trial conversions and build features that customers will pay for and love.


“We’ve had a hugely successful experience with Pendo. It’s allowed us to connect with our customers and use insights to tailor our product to our users in an incredible way.”

Dan Larsen | Senior Product Leader

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