Product analytics benchmarks

An analysis of how companies use product analytics to measure and improve software and digital experiences

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New 2023 Edition

Product analytics benchmarks

Analytics is a critical component for understanding engagement and usage of products and digital experiences, but it’s become increasingly important for measuring their impact on the business and the bottom line.

Pendo and Mind the Product in partnership with RevOps Squared surveyed 700+ product and business leaders to understand how teams of all sizes and across industries are leveraging product analytics to support business outcomes.

See how your company stacks up

We’ve analyzed results from the 700+ product and business leaders surveyed to understand the role and value of product analytics. We also uncovered the primary use cases for product analytics and which metrics teams prioritize.

Filter the results to see how you compare and download customized charts to share with your team, your boss, or your board. Consider this your go-to resource for showing how your product analytics strategy stacks up.

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