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Users are 20% more likely to respond to NPS surveys delivered in-app. Get more relevant feedback since it's in the product, and then provide an email backup to users who didn’t respond within their 14-day window.

Identify trends

Identify user behaviors and areas of your product that are impacting your NPS. You can also filter responses by role, company size, or any other demographic metadata to assess NPS by user segment.

Engage promoters

After you publish your NPS guide, close the loop with open-ended follow-up to the specific numerical score. Use guides to ask promoters to publicly review and recommend your product and reduce churn by providing support to detractors.
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    “We have an in-app NPS survey that we run with Pendo. During [an] incident, we saw a twenty-percent jump in our NPS scores, and I can only think that it was in part due to having those notifications in the product.” Jennifer Sand | VP of Product Management

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How customers use NPS

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One guide brought CINC's mobile app rating from 3.3 to 4.7.

1.5 points

Improve App Store ratings
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Launching guides in the Cartegraph mobile app drove a 62% increase in mobile adoption within six months


Drive feature adoption
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Putting NPS to work with Henry Schein

43 points

Adapt to your customers’ needs
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