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Published Mar 12, 2015

Getting More From Pendo (Part 2). Empowering Sales and Marketing

In this second post in the series, we look at how you can use analytics and guides to empower the sales and marketing teams.

Look for upsell opportunities.

With account information, you can identify accounts that are prime candidates for an upgraded service plan. You can compare their usage with the usage of customers of similar sizes and from similar industries and guide them to features that can help their business and give you upgrade opportunities.


Bring data to sales trials.

Sales teams can use Pendo to keep track of customers in-trial, and understand what they are, and are not using in the application. If the sales team notices that the in-trial customers haven’t used a specific feature yet, they can reach out to help walk them through using that feature.

Find testimonials.

Many organizations struggle to find the best users for testimonials, reviews and case studies. By looking at account usage, you can find the most active users that you can reach out to for customer testimonials or case studies.


Identify superusers.

Many organizations in your company can benefit by identifying previously unknown superusers of your system. You can tap their knowledge to improve your product roadmap as well as work with them to advocate and market the product to others.

Prepare for sales calls.

They say knowledge is power and knowing everything a customer has done in your product makes a sales person’s job much easier. Armed with usage data, a sales person has a much better chance of driving a renewal, expanding usage in an organization, or cross-selling a complementary product line.

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