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Are Your Guides Effective? New Enhancements Make it Easier to Find Out

Published May 25, 2016

As many regular users of Pendo have noticed, over the last few months, we have been focused on making the analytics around guides more valuable for our customers.  A new enhancement that we rolled out yesterday is another new measurement that, while small, makes it much easier to understand the effectiveness of guides.

Most of the guides that are deployed in Pendo are related in one way or another to specific features.  You may be using guides to announce new features to your user base, or adding contextual help to a feature with a tooltip that explains how to use it.  In either case, the efficacy of the guide is really measured in how it changes usage patterns for the feature.

Now, you can measure this directly from within the Guide Details page.  The ‘Add Feature’ button in the Guide Activity chart allows you to overlay feature usage for any feature tagged in Pendo on top of the guide views.  Now you can directly see how guide views are driving feature usage:


In addition, we have also added a new search function that will make it easier to find a specific guide to edit in the Pendo Editor.  Now when you are managing guides in your application, you can use the search box in the ‘Show Guides’ option to find a particular guide that you are looking for rather than scrolling through the entire list associated with a particular page.

Guide Search

With Pendo, you can engage customers in minutes. We empower you with detailed analytics to make informed development decisions based on usage rather than opinion. And while that sounds pretty fancy, don’t take our word for it. Watch our webinar with MaxPoint and see how they improve their product experience when powered by Pendo.