Our new, two-way HubSpot integration is live!

Published Jan 17, 2024
At Pendo, we believe that the product experience is the most important part of the customer journey.

 It encompasses every interaction taken in-app, the varying emotions experienced, and the value your customers perceive. That product experience can make or break how your customers interact with your product, and whether they become advocates or churn. 

Democratizing access to your product and business data is essential for aligning teams—including sales, marketing, and customer experience—around your in-app experience to deliver an empowered customer journey. 

That’s why we’re excited to be releasing our new, two-way integration with HubSpot—available today.

Now, you can not only pull key business data from HubSpot into Pendo, but also push key product usage data that usually lives in Pendo directly into HubSpot—making it easier for you to leverage insights from across your tech stack to improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.


What can you do with the Pendo x HubSpot two-way integration?

The two-way Pendo HubSpot integration empowers your sales, customer success, and marketing teams to build a more complete view of your customer, derive insights, and take decisive action. 

With this integration, teams can:

  • Enhance segmentation with real-time customer and usage data, leading to improved customer engagement
  • Integrate data from Pendo and HubSpot for a complete view of customer interactions, improving customer satisfaction and retention
  • Enable use of behavior data for optimizing and automating marketing strategies through action-based workflows
  • Combine product insights in Pendo with trial conversion or upsells in HubSpot to identify features and usage patterns that result in increased revenue
  • Use in-app product usage to create targeted outreach campaigns and identify new sales opportunities
  • And more!


What’s next?

Our vision is to deliver a deeply integrated customer experience that expands access to customer data and insights for our users. The Pendo x HubSpot integration is our first step in making Pendo a hub for your product data, with more Pendo integrations planned to come.

Reach out here or to your account manager for more information on how to get started with the new Pendo x HubSpot integration.