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Pendo Releases Pendo Adopt to Enable Companies and Their Employees to Thrive in the Digital Workplace

Pendo’s new product suite unlocks employee productivity by providing improved experiences with workplace software. 

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb 15, 2022 — Pendo, a company that provides software that makes software better, today announced the release of Pendo Adopt, a new suite of products that helps companies better understand how employees are using workplace software and take action to increase employee productivity. Some of the world’s largest retailers, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations use Pendo Adopt to drive adoption of their workplace software. This is the second product suite launched by Pendo, building on the momentum of its Pendo Engage suite of products used by more than 2,300 companies to improve the software they provide to customers.

Pendo Adopt comes at a time of rapid digital transformation by businesses everywhere. Companies spend tens of billions of dollars annually on software to make their employees more productive and businesses more efficient. But too often, employees’ proficiency with workplace software is not evenly distributed across an organization. The complexity of this problem compounds when employee workflows cross from one application to another — limited use of one application can translate to less efficient use of others. In order to succeed in today’s digital age, companies in every industry need to ensure their employees are successfully using the software required to perform their jobs. 

“Pendo Adopt gives us insight into how employees are using the tools we provide, and allows us to create in-app training that is digestible and scalable,” said Nick Pendergraft, senior manager of content and training at Dude Solutions, a leading facilities management platform. “Well-trained employees are more engaged employees. They also produce better results for our clients.”

Industry analysis shows that solutions like Adopt will only become more prevalent in business. By 2025, 70 percent of organizations will use digital adoption solutions across the entire technology stack to overcome still insufficient application user experiences, according to a study from Gartner. And, a vast majority of IT and organizational leaders —89%— say driving adoption of employee-facing software is a current priority, according to a survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. Yet, the same survey finds that just 30 percent of executives rate their organizations as highly effective at ensuring their employees know how to use workplace software. 

“We now do our jobs in a digital workplace. I was told when I started out as a manager in the 90s that the best way to manage was to walk around to observe work being done. How do you do that in the digital age? With Pendo Adopt,” said Tatyana Mamut, senior vice president, new products at Pendo. “CEOs and CIOs everywhere are trying to understand how to best manage a company as the workplace transitions so quickly. We created Adopt to provide them with data and tools to successfully lead these digital workplaces.”

Pendo has found that in a digital work environment the most productive employees are the “power users” of workplace software. Companies can leverage the robust analytics Pendo Adopt provides to figure out who their “power user” employees are and better understand their behavior. By acting on these insights and applying what works for their top performers to all their employees, companies can prioritize and improve workflows, fix what isn’t working and make what is working even better. During today’s “great resignation,” any opportunity to make employees more successful at their jobs will improve the employee experience and boost retention. 

Unlike other solutions, Pendo Adopt can be deployed across an entire portfolio of workplace software, from proprietary software built by internal teams to customized off-the-shelf solutions. Pendo Adopt includes:

  • Behavioral analytics: Understand how employees work best with the tools you’ve given them. Pendo’s powerful analytics let you see the flow of work within and across applications, across time. Leverage this data to inform IT decisions, focus training, and invest in the tools that provide the most value to employees.
  • In-app messaging and guides: Support your team when and where they need it, inside your applications. Use step-by-step guidance to build employee proficiency and reinforce critical workflows within a single application or across multiple applications.
  • Actionable feedback. Get a complete picture of the employee software experience with in-app polls and surveys. Identify areas of opportunity based on employee feedback and plan new initiatives with confidence.

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