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Pendo Announces Next Generation Mobile Product at Third Annual Pendomonium Conference

Also announces new partners to extend the power of the Pendo Product Cloud across an organization.

RALEIGH, NC—SEPTEMBER 11, 2019—, the product cloud company, today announced breakthrough innovations to its mobile offering and key additions to its Activate partner ecosystem focused on accelerating innovation on top of the Pendo product cloud and unlocking product insights across an organization. From the main stage at Pendo’s annual Pendomonium conference in at the Raleigh Convention Center, Pendo chief product officer Brian Crofts detailed the following new mobile capabilities and corporate partnerships to the crowd of 1000:

New Mobile Features: Understand and Guide the Omnichannel Product Journey

Pendo’s next generation mobile offering makes Pendo the first and only solution to connect mobile and web product journeys with visual in-app guide authoring and full retroactive analytics for automated data collection without the need to tag features in advance. These capabilities provide a unified view of the omnichannel product experience, allowing Pendo customers to easily understand and guide users across all screens and devices. 

“Utilizing the rich analytics of Pendo across web and mobile platforms helped us to launch a major product into the world earlier this month,” said Kelly Zehr, product line manager at Verizon Connect. “We’ve only skimmed the surface with Pendo and look forward to using more best-in-class features in future product lines.”


Mobile capabilities include:

  • New retroactive mobile app analytics that match Pendo’s web offerings. Product teams can begin collecting mobile usage analytics automatically, no tagging required, and without disruption when a new version is released. 
  • The same WYSIWYG guide authoring experience as for web, allowing customers with mobile applications to create guides in Pendo’s visual design studio, with access to flexible layouts, rich guide segmentation and guide localization. 
  • A unified web and mobile experience for tagging pages and features, viewing complete guide analytics, and viewing cross-platform paths and funnels.

New Platform Partners: Unlock Product Insights Across the Enterprise

Pendo gives product teams a system of record for prioritizing feature requests, understanding and improving product usage, and guiding users to value within their web and mobile apps. Creating a system of record requires an open approach to bringing third-party data into Pendo to make more informed decisions, and getting data out of Pendo to be combined with other business metrics. A new webhooks engine and a series of new platform partners build on this promise, making Pendo the most extensible platform available today.

“We’re leveraging non-personal product usage data from Pendo across seven of our products to use within four different business applications, which is driving significant results for our business,” said Rachel Boyce, product manager at SolarWinds MSP.  “Specifically, the Pendo ecosystem has allowed us to create compelling onboarding and end-of-trial messages within our products, strengthening customer acquisition and engagement. It has also opened new channels of communication, empowering us to receive valuable, real-time customer feedback related to such areas as new product beta releases and retention.”

The following Pendo partners showcased their joint innovations on the Pendomonium main stage: 

  • Fivetran, a data integration platform that connects and optimizes data from hundreds of sources so it can be mashed up with data from other systems of record. Pendo customers can use Fivetran to extract product analytics from Pendo and view it alongside other data in their BI tool or data warehouse to understand sales pipeline conversion opportunities, churn risk, or what product investments might yield the highest ROI for the business. 
  • Segment provides the customer data infrastructure that businesses use to put their customers first. With Segment, companies can collect, unify, and connect their first-party data to over 250 marketing, analytics, and data warehousing tools to enable marketing and business intelligence activities. For example, Pendo customers can export product usage data to Segment to trigger workflows, campaigns and activations in other enterprise systems.
  • LaunchDarkly, a feature management platform that lets product and engineering teams test new features with a subset of users before making them generally available. Product teams can use Pendo to determine the right segment to test behind a feature flag in LaunchDarkly. Teams can then use Pendo to announce the feature to the feature flag group, collect feedback and measure engagement to make improvements before general release.
  • FullStory, a digital intelligence platform that lets product teams replay user sessions to identify friction in the user experience. With Pendo’s integration with FullStory, product teams can identify potential user experience issues with Pendo insights and then drill into specific user sessions using FullStory inside the Pendo application.  

“Product data is now a critical part of how companies run,” said Brian Crofts, chief product officer at Pendo. “We’re expanding the ecosystem so Pendo is literally everywhere—on any device or screen, integrated with any platform, and unlocking the power of qualitative and quantitative insights across enterprise decision making, workflows, and orchestrated omnichannel experiences.”

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Now in its third year, Pendomonium is Pendo’s annual customer conference. More than 1,000 people from the fields of product management, customer success, user experience and marketing, gathered in Raleigh this week for two days of keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops and hands-on learning labs from industry leaders and Pendo experts. More than 40 sessions cover topics like Pendo best practices, product design and execution, product strategy and leadership, and collaboration and connection across functions and roles. The conference mission is to help attendees learn how to become product led—how to put the product experience at the center of their organizations. For more information, visit: 

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