How I Pendo Adoption

Delighting customers for the long haul

Learn how used Pendo to help users migrate platforms seamlessly, minimizing churn and maximizing satisfaction in the process


Faced with the first large-scale platform migration in its 25+ year history, needed to find a way to move a diverse batch of customers with varying levels of comfort with change over to its new rate application.

Pendo'ing it used Pendo to take an iterative, phased approach to the migration, segmenting users, gathering behavioral insights and feedback, and deploying migration timeline notifications and new feature announcements within their app. 


By using Pendo, successfully completed the migration while minimizing customer churn, and in doing so created a repeatable process for all future migrations. 

Cassidie Adams

Program manager, product operations provides shippers, carriers, and brokers with software solutions for the entire freight-moving journey.

Pendo’ing at means being able to get something done quick and right. It just makes everything so easily accessible.

Taking a load off customer migrations 

When was first founded over 25 years ago, the company aimed to use the power of the Internet to build a better load board–the system that connects shippers and brokers with carriers to transport their cargo. In the years and decades since, they’ve done that–and much more. Today, creates software solutions for every step of the freight-moving journey, from matching to payment. And they use Pendo to make sure there are no roadblocks along the way.

Case in point: recently needed to plan its largest-ever migration of customers from a rate platform to its new and improved platform. Because its large customer base consisted of users with varying levels of comfort when it came to digital change, the company decided to take a four-phased approach to the migration. 

In the first phase, it recruited customers to opt into the new platform using Pendo’s in-app guides. “These were self-identified early adopters who were more excited to give feedback,” said Cassidie Adams, a program manager on’s product operations team. Recruiting these customers using Pendo worked. “We not only had great response rates,” Adams explained, “we more than doubled the quota of customers we were hoping to get with these opt-in prompts.”

Its remaining customers migrated over in the course of the next three phases, the final of which was the general availability (GA) of the new rate platform. Throughout each stage of the process, used Pendo to guide their customers through what was coming. They also took customers’ temperature on how satisfied they were with the platform at regular intervals. 

Shifting user satisfaction into high gear used Pendo to deploy a set communications plan to customers throughout the entire migration process. Users would first receive “coming soon” notifications in the old app about the transition to the new platform. They’d also get “how to” notifications providing guidance around changes and new features. Finally, would send an “end of life” message to users in the new platform alerting them to the imminent sunsetting of the old one. 

As customers moved over, used Pendo to survey them about their experience with the new product. This helped them to iterate and design based on user wants and needs. They also wanted to keep a pulse on customer satisfaction. Users would first be asked to rate their satisfaction in the older app before the transition began, which used as a baseline rating for comparison. One week into the new platform, users would be asked to give their satisfaction rating again, followed by a final survey a month and a half into using the new platform. 

Usually, Adams explained, the rating would dip when customers first shifted over due to lack of familiarity with the new layout and features. Over time, however, they saw that their guidance and feature notifications paid off as satisfaction ticked back up. “A month and a half after they’d been in, you could see customers were getting used to the new platform,” she said. “Their satisfaction ratings were sometimes a whole point more than they were a week in.” 

Using Pendo, led a migration so successful that it helped them create a standard process for all future ones.  “We were able to pull it off with very little churn, which was really exciting,” Adams said. “Another huge win was we created a repeatable process in terms of deploying guides at set times through multiple phases. That set the tone for all future migrations.”

Pro tips

  • Develop repeatable processes for given Pendo use cases early on—having these established procedures in place will make it that much easier the next time around   
  • Create a single source of truth for guide creation best practices in order to better structure the customer experience    
  • Share the work and knowledge base related to Pendo to ensure you’re not limiting the scalability of its use