Refer-a-friend program

Pendo is on a mission to improve the world’s experiences with software. If you’re a Pendo customer, help us connect with people that we can work with and get up to $550 and a free pass to Pendomonium!

Refer-a-friend graphic

Here's how it works:

Get $50

for you and your referred friend when they take a meeting.

Get $500

when they close their deal and become a Pendo customer.

We’d love to meet:

Someone who does not currently have Pendo deployed on their product

Someone interested in learning about Pendo for Mobile, Pendo Feedback, or Pendo Adopt

Someone in a decision-making role within their company

Submit your referral below

This form allows you to invite your friends, coworkers, or other contacts to learn more about Pendo. If you choose to submit the form, we will receive and store those contact’s information and use it to send introductory Pendo emails and will refer to your name to identify where we received their contact information. By submitting the form you confirm that you are a current Pendo customer and receiving up to a $550 gift is in alignment with your company policies.