Pendo Has Acquired Receptive

Complete Product Intelligence

Qual and quant converge for a holistic view of what customers want and need.

Pardon our dust. We’re busy integrating Receptive into the Pendo Product Cloud. Sign up for early access and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Know What to Build Next

You understand your customers’ behaviors down to the tiniest micro-cohort. You can provide guidance anywhere in your app to ensure a smooth onboarding flow and customize the user journey. And you can correlate customer sentiment with usage trends and downstream business value.

But how do you know what to build next? Customer teams need to retain and grow key customer segments. Product teams need to build the right features for the right users. Can you afford to trust your gut? Gaze into your crystal ball? Come in second place?

Imagine: Product Demand Intelligence

Receptive, now a Pendo company, provides the demand intelligence product-led organizations need. Capture, prioritize, report on, and close the loop with customer feedback and features requests. Get a clear signal about where to optimize the user experience for each segment of your customer base. With the addition of Receptive, Pendo yields unprecedented insight across the entire product journey, from which projects to prioritize to how product investments pay off.

We can’t wait to show you what comes next.