Top 10 product-led talks of the year: Episode 5

Proactive lifecycle guidance: The evolution of the nurture strategy

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In-product guidance is key to help customers become successful with a product. But it’s not enough to just create a guide in a silo with the hopes it will have an impact on adoption. How do we take these experiences to the next level to ensure we’re delivering timely and relevant guidance to increase adoption? Adobe solved this challenge by applying a drip nurture methodology to an in-product guide strategy, which resulted in greater feature adoption.

In this video, Conner Hatfield (Adoption and Retention Marketing Manager at Adobe) explains how Adobe Marketo Engage evolved its in-product guide nurture strategy with a customer-first mindset. You'll discover how the Adoption and Retention Marketing team at Adobe created use case-specific onboarding experiences, nurtured users to adopt sticky features, and deployed a “choose your own journey” in-product experience using Pendo.

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