Top 10 product-led talks of the year: Episode 4

From good to great: How small touches improve the customer experience

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We all want our customers to love and use our products. But how can we achieve that when our customers are so different from one another, have different needs to learn our products, and are all at different points in their customer journey? How can we help them feel seen and helped every day, without the cost and upkeep of a large, expertly-trained customer success department?

In this video, Liz Feller (Manager, Online Help Technology and Analytics at Nelnet) shares how Nelnet Business Services (NBS) has given their customers a voice, lowered their learning curve, and created content that’s truly tailored for each visitor in their products. With an array of guide options such as smart segmentation and polling, company-wide standards, contextual help, and custom Resource Center modules, you’ll see examples of how Pendo helps NBS embody their core values to communicate openly and honestly—and provide superior customer experiences.

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