Survey Users In-App

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Actionable feedback isn’t easy. Ask users what they think right in your app.

Customer feedback is critical to product success, but collecting it can be a challenge. Broadcast emails rarely get answered. Surveys often go ignored. NPS scores leave a lot to the imagination. As a result, product teams are forced to rely on the vocal minority that actively volunteer feedback.

Engage Your Silent Majority

Pendo provides targeted in-app surveys and polls that make it easy for product teams to collect qualitative feedback from users. Using Pendo, customers often see a 5-10X increase in survey response rates.

  • Reach users “in-the-moment” for highly relevant feedback
  • Connect with specific users based on profile, activity, or previous feedback
  • Measure customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score
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Surveys & Polls

Using the polls feature in Pendo, we add a quick survey to the targeted feature announcements asking users whether or not they think the new feature would be useful for their clinic. Because we’re asking for feedback in the application we see response rates of 50% versus the 7 – 8% we’d get for emailed surveys.

— Bradley LeFave, Product Marketing Manager

Up Your NPS Game

Net Promoter Score surveys measure customer sentiment, but they don’t tell you how the product influences how users feel. Pendo overlays NPS responses with product usage data so you can understand specifically how your product is driving positive and negative sentiment.

  • See which features and pages are used by the happiest and least happy users – and leverage these insights to prioritize improvements
  • Understand how satisfaction varies by high and low usage customers
  • Identify and head off retention issues with targeted in-app messages, guides to educate and engage users
  • Grow customer satisfaction and retention
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Grow Customer Satisfaction and Retention

By understanding the behaviors and areas of the product that drive user satisfaction, you can prioritize investments that increase NPS, customer retention and lifetime value.

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