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Pendo Announces Pendo Free, Giving More Product Teams Access to Foundational Tools for Creating Great Products

RALEIGH, NC—SEPTEMBER 16,, a platform that helps companies accelerate digital product adoption among customers and employees, today announced Pendo Free, a free version of Pendo that gives product managers access to usage analytics and in-app guidance capabilities, everything they need to answer the key question: “Are my customers using my product in the way I envisioned they would?” Pendo CEO and co-founder Todd Olson introduced Pendo Free during his keynote address at the company’s annual Pendomonium conference, held virtually September 16-17, 2020.

“We believe product managers build great products when they have insights from user behavior and the ability to take action to drive user outcomes,” Olson said. “Pendo Free opens access to these core Pendo capabilities, giving product managers everywhere the power to ensure their customers are onboarded successfully, every time.”

Pendo Free includes: 

    • Codeless analytics: Easily tag and analyze user actions that are essential to the product experience, without relying on developers for setup or maintenance.  
    • Behavioral analysis: Understand feature adoption, user retention, and how different customer segments navigate through an application. Identify high value product areas to invest in, helping to improve account retention and expansion opportunities. 
    • Unlimited guides: Provide in-app walkthroughs and targeted messaging that improves onboarding, product adoption, and account success.
    • Product-led deployment: Start using Pendo Free without talking to a salesperson.

Pendo Free launches as more companies are becoming product led, making their products the vehicle for acquiring and retaining customers, onboarding and training users, and driving product adoption and growth. According to OpenView Ventures’ 2020 SaaS Product Benchmarks report, companies that employ product-led growth (PLG) strategies grow quicker at scale, and rebound faster from economic downturns than general SaaS companies. Its PLG Index of publicly-traded PLG companies is trading at almost 2x higher revenue multiples than before COVID-19 impacted the market. 

Using Pendo Free, product-led companies can understand where users are experiencing friction in their applications and then proactively guide them to the desired outcome. With targeted in-app communication, they can onboard users quickly, improving trial conversion rates and accelerating customers’ time-to-value; effective onboarding during the first 30 days of use has the lasting benefit of customer retention. 

The new offering is ideal for companies pursuing product-led growth strategies, those seeking product market fit for a new product or larger companies who wish to trial Pendo before purchasing the full platform. 

Pendo Free will be available to the public in the fourth quarter of 2020. Pre-register here.

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