Boost productivity with user training for faster software adoption

Automate your employee training

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Tailor training to the needs of each user

Increase your users’ adoption of digital platforms with walkthroughs customized to specific teams. Manage change more effectively with a personalized approach to user training that meets the needs of your different employees.

Improve employee morale and productivity

Deliver onboarding and support processes that anticipate common rollout challenges. Serve user training on-demand, when employees are navigating new processes and workflows.

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Maximize the return on your software investment

Faster onboarding and adoption lets your business realize the full impact of your investments in key software.

Joe Reitz, Global Technical Training Manager, AWS

“We have a lot of users, and training and adoption of a platform as sophisticated as Marketo is a constant challenge. We identified a use case where we could put all training documentation in platform to help our users better understand how to use it. We noticed a 12% reduction in overall support ticket volume, just out of the gate with Pendo.”

Joe Reitz | Global Technical Training Manager, AWS