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Retroactive analytics

Pendo starts collecting data as soon as it’s installed. The data is accessible back to the first moment, without tracking code.

Product-market fit

Use Pendo Analytics to show investors how your product can solve a particular problem, with beautiful data visualizations of user behavior.

Experience improvements

Use Pendo Analytics to see how users are interacting with your in-app onboarding and announcements (In-app Guides are also included in Pendo Free) so you can make improvements.
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    We looked at Pendo, and Heap, and Amplitude and a few of the others. Pendo Free offered very low investment to get up and running, and the retroactive analytics meant that once we installed it, it was already capturing all the events. Dave Stuart, Director of Customer Success

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Casted drives 350% increase in weekly active users of new podcast platform, snagging seed investors.


increase in weekly active users
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Hive keeps a finger on the pulse of its product to build customer trust and boost engagement by 40%.


increase in user engagement
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Pendo gave Boomi deeper insights into product usage and a way to act on them.


reduction in time-to-sale after free trial
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