Press release

Pendo Launches, An Editorial Site By and For Product Leaders, creator of the leading SaaS-based Product Experience Platform, today announced the launch of ProductCraft, a destination editorial site designed to deliver insights by and for product leaders. Pendo will unveil ProductCraft at the SaaStr conference, February 6-8 in San Francisco.

As product managers ascend into leadership roles in today’s technology companies, taking on broader responsibilities and larger mandates, the need for knowledge sharing, best practices, and a peer community is clear. With scant few media outlets covering product management, and limited formal academic options for the study of the craft, the goal of ProductCraft is to complement the good work of organizations like Product Collective, Mind the Product, and Pragmatic Marketing as an authoritative source of insight for modern product leaders and their teams. launched February 6, 2018, creating a new editorial site for product leaders and teams.

ProductCraft seeks to challenge and expand the thinking of today’s product leaders. While its writers and contributors will, at times, go fairly deep, they’re more likely to go broad and, more importantly, create the nonobvious connections that inspire product innovation and leadership.

ProductCraft will feature:

  • Best practices: How-to explanations in simple, accessible and actionable terms.
  • Perspectives: Think pieces that challenge conventional wisdom with fresh perspectives and provocative insights.
  • Profiles: Interviews featuring leading practitioners, writers and thinkers on the craft.
  • Podcast: a semi-monthly series dubbed “Product Love,” featuring in-depth conversations with notable product leaders and thinkers. The podcast series kicks off with Dan Olsen, author of The Lean Product Handbook.
  • Reviews: Summaries and analyses of the best writing and events focused on product, design, innovation, and growth.
  • Primary research: An annual State of Product Leadership survey shines light on the current state of product teams: how they work, who they work for, how they are measured, and what key trends will shape product leadership moving forward.

In addition to rich editorial, audio, and video content, ProductCraft will feature a weekly poll question that invites the community to weigh in on important topics. The site has curated a panel of product luminaries to discuss and debate these findings. Called the ProductCraft Debate Club, the group kicks off with product executives from Zendesk, Squarespace, Wix, and Insightly.

While ProductCraft was founded and funded by a commercial software company, its editorial mandate is not to promote Pendo, but to stimulate and contribute to the collective learning and inspiration of the product management community. ProductCraft content is non-promotional.

“We have a strong desire to create something of lasting value that honors the craft of product management,” said Jake Sorofman, CMO of Pendo. “We’re passionate about product. We’re passionate about storytelling. ProductCraft lives at the intersection of these two passions.”

Contributors will include Pendo leaders and product management experts, a stable of contributors from other leading software companies, as well as consultants, academics and thought leaders of the craft.

Thoughtful, well crafted, strictly non-promotional contributions are welcome. Send topic summaries, abstracts and work sample links to: [email protected]