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Pendo Announces Pendo VIA for Marketo, a New Guided Adoption Tool to Help Companies Grow and Govern Usage of Marketo

We’re excited to announce Pendo VIA for Marketo, the first in a series of native guided adoption solutions for business-critical enterprise apps. Read the announcement below:

RALEIGH, N.C., April 10, 2019 — Pendo, the product cloud company, today launched Pendo VIA for Marketo ®, the first in a series of native guided adoption solutions designed to help companies accelerate onboarding, improve adoption, and govern usage of enterprise apps. Pendo VIA for Marketo brings targeted, contextual learning and guidance inside the Marketo application to help enforce policies and best practices across distributed brands and business units and expand the power of Marketo beyond a few power users. Pendo VIA for Marketo also provides analytics for marketing operations teams to understand usage and identify skill gaps.

Pendo VIA for Marketo was recently chosen by sales performance software provider Xactly to help accelerate marketing execution velocity by removing bottlenecks in Marketo usage.

“Marketo is an incredibly powerful platform, but with power comes responsibility,” said Brett Theiss, vice president of demand generation at Xactly. “Like most marketing organizations, we’ve contained our Marketo usage to a very small handful of power users who are deeply skilled in Marketo. The prospect of expanding usage to other marketers, while maintaining the control we count on, is an exciting proposition.”

Pendo VIA for Marketo is part of a broader portfolio of native guided adoption solutions that Pendo will launch in 2019. Unlike third-party adoption tools that layer over an application with a browser plug-in, Pendo VIA is installed within the app itself. This ensures a seamless user experience that’s always synchronized with feature and UX changes from the host application. Companies will be able to use Pendo VIA to drive broader adoption and better usage of internal business applications—including HR, marketing, IT, infrastructure, development and more – by improving the onboarding process, analyzing product usage and streamlining user training.

Companies are forecast to spend more than $3.8 trillion on enterprise software in 2019, yet 80 percent of software product features are going unused by end users. Enterprise software is highly customizable, which can limit usage to a small subset of power users and place the burden on these power users to help others use the application. Pendo VIA addresses this disconnect by providing software buyers with tools to analyze application usage, properly onboard team members, and customize training directly in the app. The result is better enablement and governance, leading to increased productivity and happier teams.

“Companies spend millions of dollars on enterprise software, that too often, is only used by a small group of employees,” said Brian Crofts, chief product officer at Pendo. “With Pendo VIA, we are giving application owners the tools and confidence to unlock the power of these platforms for more users within their companies. Pendo VIA is purpose built to help application owners and their teams get the most out of their software purchases.”

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