Harvard Business Review report: Driving digital adoption for a competitive edge

Driving digital adoption for a competitive edge

Harvard Business Review


Software isn’t just part of the workplace anymore—it is the workplace. And workers expect the digital tools they use at work to offer the same ease-of-use, functionality, and intuitiveness that they get from the common consumer apps they use each day.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Pair that frustrating software with the shift to remote work—where employees often have to figure new technologies out on their own—and you’ve got a problem: Frustrated employees can lead to lost talent and unhappy customers.

Don’t leave any of that up to chance. Instead, rise to the challenge of driving digital adoption, and you’ll unlock the full value and ROI of all your digital investments.

Driving digital adoption for a competitive edge, a new report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services sponsored by Pendo, is packed with strategies, recommendations, and insights from industry leaders that you need to start setting your employees up for success from implementation day and beyond.

Key Findings

89% of survey respondents say driving digital adoption of employee-facing software is a top priority. Only 30% rate their organization as highly effective at driving the adoption of employee-facing software 72% of respondents plan to increase investment in software training over the next two years.

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