Listen to users at scale and build evidence for ideas
Capture user feedback, organize insights, and test ideas so you can prioritize your resources with confidence.
3 ways the Pendo One platform outperforms point solutions
The Pendo One platform brings all the tools you need into one solution so you can seamlessly create digital experiences users love.
Influencing roadmap decisions with Session Replay
Use Session Replay to see the behavior behind the data and make better roadmap decisions.
Onboarding new customers
See how Pendo In-app Guides highlight the most valuable features for first-time customers, so you can accelerate their time to value.
Learn how customers use your product: part 1
Ready to understand which features are being used and which are being neglected? Add a feature adoption widget to Pendo’s dashboard. And learn where customers get the most value from your product.
Learn how customers use your product: part 2
Now that you’re tracking feature adoption on your dashboard, let’s take a closer look at what the data is telling us.
Understand the user journey
Analyze how your customers are using your application, identify opportunities to make the user experience better, and guide customers toward valuable product features.
Uncover and resolve support issues, fast
Get the data you need to improve the discovery process and understand customer challenges. Communicate with users in-app to resolve issues—reducing support costs.
Capture feedback at scale
With Pendo Feedback, you can easily centralize all feedback data and create an unforgettable customer experience.
Request feedback on behalf of a customer
Give customer-facing teams a central place to store customer feedback so it can be used by the product team.
Using feedback in product decisions
When you centralize your product feedback, you have vital data on tap for your product teams.
Build a product roadmap
Pendo Roadmap lets you communicate product direction and vision to your internal teams to keep everyone aligned and excited!

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