Engineering teams can make data-driven product decisions and measure impact, with Pendo

Pendo’s all-in-one platform helps engineering teams…

Focus engineering capacity

Allow your team to focus on the most impactful work by leveraging Pendo’s no-code in-app guide capabilities.

Easily identify bugs

Use Pendo product usage analytics to identify sticking points or bugs in your product, and alert users directly in-app.

Use data to drive the roadmap

No more product planning on gut feel: Prioritize the right improvements with usage data and user feedback.

Visualize how Pendo can impact key product metrics


See how much revenue your company could save by reducing churn rates with Pendo


Companies across industries leverage Pendo to fight back against wasted time and money.

Reduce churn with Pendo Analytics proactively identifying product problems. Measure impact and prioritize the right improvements with product usage data. Scale engineering teams by providing other teams with powerful no-code in-app guides.

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