Onboarding and new feature introduction made easy

Encouraging users to interact with your app’s features is not an easy task. After putting in all that hard work to plan, develop and launch app features, you’re now struggling with getting your users to actually engage with your app. Pendo Mobile Tooltips are highly effective in guiding new users through the onboarding experience, as well as simply introducing new features.

Our automated in-app platform allows you to independently create and set Mobile Tooltips while at the same time testing, modifying and optimizing your tooltip performance for different segments.

Learn how mobile tooltips and other in-app engagements can improve retention.


The right mobile tooltip. At the right mobile moment.

In mobile apps, it’s all about timing and relevancy. In other words, you can use your data to personalize the experience in your app. Pendo lets you easily create these types of real-time campaigns by allowing you to discover the right tooltip for your audience and deliver it to them at the perfect mobile moment.

Segment and target audiences based on their most recent engagement with the app, such as visited product pages, latest additions to cart, specific feature usage, and more. You can also segment according to user interest, demographic or real-time location.


Measure, test and optimize

Is there a better time to run your campaign? Or a more effective place for the tooltip in your app?

Pendo allows you to experiment and run tests on different texts, images, or even target audiences. View the length of your average tooltip display durations or the number of users who closed the tooltip without engaging with it.

Analyze if you are achieving your larger marketing goals, such as increased engagement with the new feature. For example, you’ll be able to measure the number of users who engaged with the new feature after engaging with the tooltip.