Using Pendo

Product Engagement: Hanapin Pendo Story

Published May 8, 2015

Hanapin Marketing is a paid search agency based in Bloomington, Indiana. Founded in 2004, the company manages and optimizes clients’ paid search programs—increasing sales while simultaneously decreasing budgets. From ad copy composition to keyword research to landing page optimization, Hanapin’s core objective is to maximize clients’ return on investment.

To meet the demands of their growing small business portfolio, Hanapin developed a suite of paid search tools to automate and speed up day-to-day paid search tasks. Today, these tools serve as the backbone of Hanapin’s tools platform Hero Pro, and serve a growing 50 Billion dollar Google AdWords community.

Hanapin Marketing also publishes the industry-leading blog, PPC Hero.

The Challenge

Hanapin is known for their leadership position and innovation in the paid search marketplace. Their approach to their own product is similarly innovative and they challenged themselves to look for a solution to help them create an even more compelling customer experience.

The Solution

When Hanapin wanted help, they turned to Pendo for a platform to increase product engagement and improve their customer experience. Hanapin used Pendo in 3 main ways.

First, Hanapin combined the customer usage analytics they received from Pendo along with Pendo’s in-application guides and messaging to create unique personalized product experiences that improve their new user onboarding.

Second, they used Pendo analytics to create a list of users that accessed specific features and reached out to them as part of a user experience improvement initiative.

Third, Hanapin used Pendo to identify areas where customers struggled with accomplishing tasks or ran into bugs and preemptively fixed those areas. They even accessed Pendo to help out in other functions. For instance, they used Pendo’s unique user timeline analysis to track the exact usage of individual users at points in time that coincided with specific marketing activities. By doing this they were able to gauge the impact of their marketing promotions on the usage of specific portions of their application by specific users.

The Results

Hanapin made user experience and product engagement a priority. Pendo helped Hanapin accelerate its efforts to improve an already stellar user experience and drive a streamlined onboarding process. By utilizing Pendo, Hanapin has seen a material impact on overall product engagement and successful new customer onboarding. Pendo continues to be critical to Hanapin’s user experience and customer onboarding initiatives, and is one piece of a strong story that drives customer happiness and retention.