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Pendo Named Leader in Product Analytics and Digital Adoption Categories

Published Jun 26, 2019

In the business of quadrants, waves, grids and other evaluative models, “high and right” is where a vendor wants to be. While the operative criteria may vary model to model, this coveted northeast corner signals leadership in a particular category or market.

So it’s with great pleasure to announce that Pendo maintains this spot in two of G2’s latest Grids: one for product analytics and another for digital adoption platforms.

G2 Grid: Best Product Analytics Software, Summer 2019

G2_Product Analytics_Grid_Summer2019



G2 Grid: Best Digital Adoption Platform Software, Summer 2019

G2_Digital Adoption_Grid_Summer2019


How we were evaluated should matter a lot: market presence speaks to our experience in solving this problem for other companies like yours, and satisfaction speaks to our ability to do so in a way that delights. Even more important is the fact that this isn’t one expert’s opinion, but the collective wisdom of our customers who have seen it first hand.

Of course product analytics and digital adoption are just two aspects of the power of Pendo. In addition to these important capabilities, Pendo helps you understand user sentiment, and measure how that sentiment correlates with specific in-app behavior (said another way: Pendo helps you understand which parts of your product are creating delight and which parts are creating frustration–so you can promote the former and fix the latter).

And, more recently through our acquisition of Receptive, Pendo provides tools for collecting, analyzing and taking action on customer feedback and feature requests. All as part of one integrated platform, purpose-built for digital product teams.

We call it the Product Cloud. Keep your eyes peeled for a quadrant, wave or grid in this space sometime soon. We think it’s just a matter of time.

In many cases, you’d probably expect this sort of breadth to be at the expense of depth, where the whole may be greater than the sum of its parts, but the parts themselves don’t match up to more narrowly focused point tools.

Except in this case, we do.

According to customers of Pendo and such point tools noted above, we more than match up. Breadth and depth, it turns out, don’t have to be a mutually exclusive tradeoff.