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Pendo Announces Industry’s First Product Cloud

Published Mar 20, 2018

Latest Pendo release includes new product analytics features, integrations with third-party tools, and a new integration hub architecture that makes extensibility virtually limitless.

RALEIGH, NC—MARCH 20, 2018—, creator of the leading product cloud for digital products and data-driven product teams, today announced several new capabilities, which together, form the basis of the industry’s first product cloud. Details of this announcement were shared today at Pendomonium, a Raleigh-based product experience conference where more than 400 product leaders gather annually. More about Pendomonium here.

In the research report “Predicts 2018: Technology Go-to-Market*,” Gartner analysts Todd Berkowitz, Neil McMurchy, et al., wrote: “By 2021, 75% of software providers will rely on insights from embedded software usage analytics to inform product management decisions and measure customer health.” In explaining market implications, the authors note: “Enterprise application providers that adopt software usage analytics will position themselves to create differentiated customer experiences.”

“Digital products and their associated experience are an increasingly critical part of the overall customer experience,” said Todd Olson, co-founder and CEO of Pendo. “That’s why product teams need a single unified platform built upon a foundation of data–a product cloud–to better understand and optimize the digital product experience.”

Olson describes a product cloud as a SaaS-based system comprising three fundamental building blocks:

  1. A system of record to capture, manage, analyze, and activate quantitative and qualitative user data.
  2. Automation to remove manual effort in the execution and sequencing of key functions, for example, to target messages and personalize in-app experiences.
  3. An open integration hub to easily connect with other parts of the product creation lifecycle, including design, engineering, marketing and customer success tools.

With this release, Pendo delivers on all three of these building blocks as the industry’s first product cloud. Olson continues: “Virtually every role in the enterprise has a purpose-built cloud. Sales, marketing, service, finance and HR all have clouds that, in many cases, have fundamentally changed and often improved how these jobs are done. The same dynamic is happening in product management, which has become a highly data-driven discipline.”

Pendo’s product analytics and product experience tools are currently used by over 500 SaaS companies and digital enterprises. This latest Pendo release adds the following capabilities:

Powerful New Analytics Features

Goals–benchmarking for more actionable insights from product usage data

Clarifying and codifying specific and measurable goals are what makes data actionable. These first-of-their kind goal-setting features help Pendo users benchmark product usage and feature adoption against objectives and easily share progress toward specific KPIs across teams.

Trends–comparative analytics for understanding product usage in depth

Product data can be complex to analyze, particularly when you account for multiple features, user segments, and time frames. Trends provides analytics and data visualization enhancements for digging deeper into product insights and making it easier to see patterns by comparing user segments, features, and pages side-by-side, across multiple time frames.

Command center–multiple dashboards to create a unified product panorama

Product leaders often look after a variety of features, modules, or even whole products. These new flexible dashboarding capabilities let product teams create customized views into product usage patterns that are aligned to their specific product portfolio, KPIs and workflows.

Event tracking–custom-defined events for capturing any API call or user behavior

Some very specific user behaviors or programmatic events within a digital product can’t be captured automatically. This event tracking capability gives Pendo users the flexibility to capture any arbitrary user event or API call for deeper visibility into product engagement.

An Integration Hub for Scalable Extensibility

A key tenet of any cloud offering is extensibility to an ecosystem of tools and data sources to power data-driven decision making, connected workflows, and data sharing across adjacent roles. With this latest release, Pendo provides a simple visual UI for executing integrations with a growing menu of target applications. Initial integrations will focus on knowledge base content to drive Pendo-powered in-app messages, guides and walkthroughs; and live chat integrations for orchestrating chat with other Pendo-driven communication with users inside a product.

Supported knowledge bases include Zendesk, Algolia, HelpDocs, Help Scout, Swiftype, and WordPress. Supported live chat tools include Chatra, Drift, Freshchat, Intercom, LiveChat, Olark, Smooch, SnapEngage, UserEngage, Tagove, Talkus and Zendesk. Pendo already provides supported integrations with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Gainsight, InVision, Segment and Zapier. Future integrations will include integration with the clouds and point tools supporting roles adjacent to product management, such as marketing and engineering.

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(*) “Predicts 2018: Technology Go-to-Market,” Todd Berkowitz, Neil McMurchy et al., 16 November 2017.

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