ADP shows that everything you think you know about AI and jobs is wrong

Published Jan 31, 2024
For the storied human capital management solution, AI is a means to get more people in the right job, not a tool to replace them.  

When you see headlines about AI and its effect on employment, it’s hard not to notice a pattern:

AI, automation could kill your job sooner than thought.” 

Artificial intelligence will destroy ‘laptop class’ workers.”

US experts warn AI likely to kill off jobs – and widen wealth inequality.”

Do you see it yet? AI, the doomsayers tell us, is coming for your job, and may even cause a wave of mass unemployment. But what if AI’s effect on jobs was precisely the opposite? What if, instead of eliminating roles, these new technologies facilitated getting the right person in the right position in ways never before thought possible? 

That’s the vision that ADP, the storied human-capital management solution used by over one million employers across 140 countries, is making reality. Its AI-powered ADP Assist, a new enhanced intelligence capability that uses AI and machine learning (ML), is designed to give customers proactive insights and recommendations regarding every stage of the employee lifecycle, from “hire” to “retire.” “We’re leveraging machine learning and natural language processing to provide insights and nudges and assistance at the right time, in the right context, for users when they need it most,” said Naomi Lariviere (Chief Product Owner & Vice President of Product Management, ADP) during a talk at Pendomonium

Helping the right person get the right role at the right time

To illustrate how ADP Assist can help people teams manage employee expectations and increase satisfaction, Lariviere raised the hypothetical of an employee (call her Jane) who applies for a new position internally but doesn’t get it. “We can now [use ADP Assist to] nudge her leader and say, ‘Hey, you might want to go have a conversation with Jane. She didn’t get the job.’ And then you can open up a dialogue with Jane about what support, coaching and training, or experiences she might need to get to that next job.” 

Lariviere also pointed to AI’s untapped potential for expediting and optimizing the hiring process. “If you think about hiring and applying for a new job, it’s a process that could really use some [artificial] intelligence to influence the process.” It’s now possible, she explained, for AI to deeply analyze the characteristics of an applicant’s resume. AI can not only gain a clear understanding of the skills an individual has, but even infer and suggest roles that the individual may be better suited for. In other words, AI for ADP is a tool to unlock the means to get the right people in the right roles and make getting a job faster and easier. 

Endless opportunities, powered by AI

As ADP continues to develop its AI capabilities and offerings, it does so knowing that the possibilities are almost limitless. “Imagination, invention, and innovation—that’s what’s propelling our teams to build solutions,” Lariviere said. 

The stage is set for AI to improve HR and employment experiences for everyone, from full-timers to freelancers. For ADP, it’s “going to advance our already-strong product offering. So it’s an exciting time to be in this space and watch how this technology’s going to help ADP really revolutionize the world of human capital management as we know it,” Lariviere concluded.

Want to learn more about how ADP and other customers are leveraging AI in their product offerings? Check out the full keynote talk from Pendomonium below: