From raging at software to relishing it

Published Apr 15, 2024
How Pendo moves the needle for users’ digital experiences.

In 2024, software is the lifeblood of companies. Employees and managers across industries depend on digital tools to collaborate, to plan and execute on goals, and to gauge the results of their work. 

So what happens when employees’ experiences with software don’t go as expected? What happens when they want is a smooth and seamless workflow but what they get is a clunky, confusing one?

In a word: rage.

Bad software experiences are enraging. They hurt productivity. They make the employee experience suffer. They create all sorts of compliance headaches. And they leave IT teams making reactive, patchwork fixes when they could be thinking strategically about the future. Over one third of employees have even considered quitting their job because of frustrating digital experiences.

With the downstream effects of bad software, it’s easy for a workforce to get stuck in a rage spiral. But Pendo can get them out of it.

The right product experience platform makes everything better

The entire mission of Pendo is to elevate the world’s experience with software. And the way to begin that process is to understand what’s causing the friction, the headaches, the rage. The Pendo platform’s rich analytics lets internal product managers, IT teams, and everyone who shapes employees’ digital experiences unify their data and get a holistic view into how work is (or isn’t) happening. 

Pendo gives these teams crucial qualitative (in the form of feedback collection) and quantitative (in the form of product analytics) insights into employee pain points so they can see what’s causing the rage, and who is most affected by it. 

Armed with those insights, IT and internal PMs are then ready to take action to make employee software experiences better. They can create and deploy custom in-app guidance to problem areas based on employee metadata and behavior within and across apps. This ensures that timely, contextual, relevant support goes to the users who need it (and leaves those who don’t alone). 

Rage-inducing digital experiences are a choice

Once support has been in place for a set time period, Pendo makes it easy to create custom analytics dashboards and track how effective the interventions are. From there, change management teams can adjust support motions that aren’t working, and make what is working even better. 

In 2024, giving your employees rage-inducing software experiences is a choice. Pendo’s data-driven digital adoption platform helps you choose right, and get your team from disgruntled to delighted. 

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