New guide layouts to help you elevate your mobile in-app communication

Published Nov 28, 2022

Your users are everywhere, and their expectations are higher than ever. Whether they’re submitting an expense report, tracking a package, or ordering takeout, today’s users are accustomed to accomplishing tasks from anywhere, all on their mobile devices. 

While mobile apps provide convenience for users, the pressure is on for the people who build them: To deliver seamless, intuitive, and delightful experiences inside these applications. But this is easier said than done. Mobile users are endlessly distracted. The average mobile app loses over 75% of new users on day one and over 95% of users by day 30. That means you only have minutes to show users the value of your app, or you’ll lose them forever.

The good news: You have a secret weapon that can delight users from their first interaction, and drive success that will keep them coming back. That secret weapon? In-app mobile guides.

Pendo for Mobile helps you understand your users and guide them through their in-app journey. Analyze how your users interact with your products. Understand how they move across platforms. Then create, edit, and launch in-app guides—without using engineer resources or releasing new app versions.

Pendo has been investing in mobile guidance capabilities over the past few months, so let’s dig into what you can do with our new out-of-the-box guide layouts to give you new inspiration for how to leverage mobile guides.


Build personalized onboarding

One of the most important ways to influence app adoption and retention is through an effective onboarding flow. If you create successful users from the first login, you’ll ensure they see value immediately and keep coming back. Pendo’s new mobile guide layout makes it easy to build a beautiful onboarding flow with the new sticky footer, which keeps the guide button glued to the bottom of the screen as your users scroll through onboarding. 

To truly elevate your onboarding experience, though, personalization is key—almost three quarters of consumers expect a customized experience. Tailor your mobile app onboarding experience with Pendo’s new mobile guide personalization capabilities. Insert a metadata field into your guide to customize the onboarding flow with a user’s name, job title, or any other important data field you’re collecting about them. This allows you to create a custom experience as you guide users through the “aha” moments in your app. 


Provide contextual help, when they need it

Once you’ve guided users to value with targeted onboarding, you can use guides to provide in-app support them when and where they get stuck. Instead of making users wait hours for an answer to their question, or making them dig through mountains of irrelevant documentation, you can now create a mobile help center launched from a button directly inside your app.

Pendo has created a new “Help Center” layout for mobile guides to serve as a repository for self-service resources. In this one-stop shop, you can link helpful resources, relevant onboarding walkthroughs, and even support videos embedded from YouTube. By creating a help center directly inside your app, you can provide an always-on resource hub to help your users help themselves.


Deliver non-intrusive nudges

Onboarding and in-app support are crucial uses of mobile guides, but what about nice-to-have messages? Once you’ve created successful users, you don’t want to interrupt their flow with full screen pop-ups. To make it easier to reach your users in a less intrusive way, Pendo has created a new “mobile banner” layout that takes up the bottom third of your user’s mobile screen. This new guide layout will make it easy to announce events, tease new promotions, or send important reminders to users without getting in the way of their workflows.  


While mobile apps have made it convenient for users to complete nearly every task on their plate, the pressure is on for companies to make those app experiences seamless, intuitive, and delightful. Mobile guidance helps you create those incredible experiences, and enables successful users that keep coming back. Pendo’s new mobile onboarding, help center, and banner layouts give you a place to build and deliver the right message for your users, in the right formats.