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How to transform your organisation with product data

Analytics is a critical component for understanding engagement and usage of products and digital experiences, but it’s become increasingly important for decision making and measuring their impact on the business and bottom line.

But whilst 76% of product leaders recognise the importance of product analytics to decision making, only 33% of executive leadership teams, 42% of customer success teams, and 23% of growth teams make use of product analytics.

Make 2024 the year of data-driven decision making. Join us on Thursday 25 January as we showcase how product data can transform your organisation.

We’ll cover:

  • What you should measure, how to make data-driven decisions, and how to include data in your stakeholder communication
  • How to get all teams rallying around product data and customer insights
  • Tangible outcomes you can expect and how to measure success
  • How Elsevier realised business outcomes across multiple teams using Pendo