Using Pendo

Understanding and guiding your users across mobile applications just got easier

Published Sep 11, 2019

We’ve made some exciting improvements to Pendo for Mobile, including a new SDK. Analyze how your users interact with your solution in all settings, understand how users navigate between platforms, and create a connected digital experience across your mobile and web product portfolio.

Tagging made simple

Now, it’s even easier to tag mobile pages and features throughout your applications.
Pair a mobile device with Pendo, capture pages with the click of a button, and visually tag features throughout your application.


Then organize related mobile features into Groups for quick insight into user behavior in specific areas of your product. 

Analytics across platforms

The SDK includes Pendo’s powerful retroactive analytics, so user event collection starts the moment you install. This means you don’t have to wait to understand how users interact with certain features throughout your application, with no additional instrumentation or tagging required at setup.


Pendo Paths and Funnels also work across platforms! 

If your team has both mobile and web applications, you can follow the user journey as they navigate between each (plus any other app in your portfolio), giving you a more complete view of user behavior across formats and products.

Guide users through the entire journey

Hello, Visual Design Studio! The interface Pendo customers use for building web guides has come to Pendo for Mobile. This ensures your users have one seamless experience that feels consistent across all platforms.


Activate guides upon application launch, page view, or feature click to provide users with relevant information at just the right time. 

If your organization is interested in understanding and guiding users on mobile platforms through the latest Pendo for Mobile SDK, request a demo or reach out to your Pendo account rep to join our ongoing beta.